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Oliver Wight Class A Checklist

Now in its sixth edition, Oliver Wight's Class A Checklist is the longest standing and most successful business assessment tool.

There are nine chapters describing latest practical and proven best practice:

  • Managing the Strategic Planning Process
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Driving Business Improvement
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Managing Products and Services
  • Managing Demand
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Managing Internal Supply
  • Managing External Sourcing


The first four are priority chapters describing the processes and practices that enable the whole business to be excellent: Strategic Planning, Managing and Leading People, Driving Business Improvement and Integrated Business Planning. These are supported by a further five chapters that address the prime processes in most organisations. Managing: Products & Services, Demand, Supply Chain, Internal Supply and External Sourcing.

The focus ensures applicability to the Service Sector in addition to Manufacturing and Distribution Industry.

Size, structure and scoring have all been modified to enable practical use and improve balance of content.

Each project will provide a rapid return on investment for the organisation, in terms of substantial business benefits, whilst the milestones serve as major points for recognition against agreed business deliverables.

Whilst the checklist is designed to describe the end state, it's the milestones that facilitate the journey; there are 19 of them. The decision of which milestones to embark on, should be based on the current challenges the business faces and the company's roadmap to the future – its vision, strategies, and values.

As each agreed milestone is achieved, the organisation is rewarded with a Class A Milestone Award. These milestones are designed to progressively increase the maturity of the organisation, marking its progress on the journey to Class A Business Excellence – a prerequisite for any company that wishes to outperform its rivals and achieve sustained profitable growth.

  1. Capable Planning and Control
  2. Capable Planning and Control for Distribution and Logistics
  3. Capable Integrated Business Planning
  4. Foundation Enabling Milestone
  5. Capable Product and Services Management
  6. Capable Managing Demand
  7. Capable External Sourcing
  8. Capable Supply Chain
  9. Foundation Business Improvement
  10. Advanced Integrated Business Planning
  11. Advanced Strategic Planning
  12. Advanced Managing and Leading People
  13. Advanced Business Improvement
  14. Advanced Product and Services Management
  15. Advanced Managing Demand
  16. Advanced Internal Supply Capability
  17. Advanced External Sourcing
  18. Advanced Supply Chain
  19. Excellent Enabling Capability


Click here to purchase the Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence Sixth Edition. Also available in French, Italian and German.

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