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Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain - Virtual

With the increased complexity and diversity of modern supply chains, it is critical that executives and general management teams understand how to design, implement, and leverage the supply chain planning step within your IBP process. The effective integration of supply chain planning and execution will create a competitive advantage for your organization and will be a key enabler for realizing the overall business strategic goals and objectives.

Our IBP for Supply Chain workshop shows you how to make the shift from traditional supply chain planning to value chain thinking in order to integrate the supply chain planning process with the product portfolio and demand steps so that your business can deliver truly exceptional performance.

Effective supply chain planning is a crucial step of Integrated Business Planning and a key enabler for overall business success. The development of an effective supply chain strategy that responds to, and supports, the commercial strategy will significantly change business performance both from a customer and shareholder perspective.

Our two-day interactive workshop will:

- Help you understand the key elements of your global supply chain
- Teach you how to create an effective review and integration process
- Provide you with key learnings on how to create a supply chain response that supports the overall IBP process and business deliverables
- Address the need to understand behavioral requirements across your organization so that the full benefits of an integrated supply chain response can be realized

This workshop gives general and supply chain leaders an extended understanding of the key elements and approach to design, implement, and run an effective supply review process within an IBP environment.

It is ideal for supply chain executives, leaders, managers, and general management team members, as well as specialists leading product, demand, and finance management who need to understand the supply chain elements of Integrated Business Planning.




20 - 21 Oct 2021



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"So far, we estimate that process improvements and efficiencies have delivered savings of approximately €2 million."

Doctor Egiziano Iencinella
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“Really concise overview of the whole IBP process – perfect for Executives to understand the process, and for others to refresh their memory on some of the key principles."

Mike Higgins
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“Mind blowing and educational. This workshop clearly defines the strategy and vision of what IBP will bring!”

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