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Oliver Wight EAME Blog

Redefining the new ‘normal’: Agile responses in uncertain conditions

5 May 2020

Gary Connors provides some unconventional wisdom for businesses operating in these unusual times.

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Re-aligning demand plans to reflect reality: The importance of demand assumptions in the coronavirus crisis

22 April 2020

Debbie Bowen-Heaton explores how businesses can monitor demand effectively to ensure key customers are prioritised.

Why does integrated planning remain important during the coronavirus crisis?

20 April 2020

Oliver Wight EAME's Les Brookes gives a CEO's perspective on why Integrated Business Planning is crucial in supporting businesses through turbulent times.

Sustainability and the supply chain

24 March 2020

Flavio Pietrocola explains why businesses need to look at their environmental impact to stay competitive.

Big Tech: Part 2 - Using data to address underlying issues

13 March 2020

Mike Snape, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME, explores how large organisations can use data to address underlying issues in customer experience.

Coronavirus: Can you plan for a pandemic?

6 March 2020

Andy Walker looks at how IBP can help businesses prepare for unexpected events like coronavirus.

Big Tech: Part 1 – How technologies drive purchasing

20 February 2020

Mike Snape, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME, exploring 'Big Tech': How technologies drive purchasing

Healing healthcare: Future-proofing your master data

10 February 2020

Gary Connors, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME, explores how future advances in technology will impact healthcare businesses.

Six signs your business needs Integrated Business Planning

7 February 2020

Kirsty Braines, COO at Oliver Wight EAME, looks at six signs that your business could benefit from IBP.

Meet the Team - Jamie Buckley

7 February 2020

We get to know Administration Assistant, Jamie Buckley, as he gives an insight into his first year working as an apprentice at Oliver Wight.

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 7

27 January 2020

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

Business Predictions For 2020

6 January 2020

Les Brookes, CEO of Oliver Wight EAME, welcomes in the new year by sharing seven business predictions for organisations in 2020.

Santa: The Interview

20 December 2019

We get to know the man behind the beard, in an exclusive one-to-one interview as he reveals how he manages to run a highly-complex global operation. 

Santa's 21st Century Workshop

11 December 2019

As one of the world's most well-known and oldest toy manufacturers, Santa Claus has had to adapt and modernise to meet 21st century demand. Find out more! 

Meet the Team - Kate Roby

20 November 2019

We get to know Commercial Director, Kate Roby, as she gives an insight into her role at Oliver Wight.

Ten Characteristics of a Perfect CEO

12 November 2019

A good CEO can make or break a business, so we've created an infographic on the ten characteristics that make the perfect CEO to help you check whether yours ticks all the boxes...

From Nightmarish to Nice: The Halloween Supply Chain

28 October 2019

The Halloween Supply Chain can be a nightmare if you're ill-prepared for its challenges. In this blog, Andy Walker reveals shares his insights on how to stop being spooked by supply chains. 

The Secrets to Choosing the Right CEO - Part Three

18 October 2019

In the third and final instalment of this blog series, Debbie Bowen-Heaton explains why trust between the CEO and the workforce is crucial to success. 

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 6

3 October 2019

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

The Secrets to Choosing the Right CEO - Part Two

26 September 2019

Join us for Part Two of our 'The Secrets of Choosing the Right CEO' series, as Partner Debbie Bowen Heaton explains why it's crucial that a CEO's attitude reflects the company's own culture and values.