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Oliver Wight EAME Blog

Why Planning Control Towers are Key to a Successful Supply Chain

1 July 2019

In this blog, Birgit Breitschuh and Liam Harrington explain why Planning Control Towers have a key role in ensuring supply chain success. 

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FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 4

18 June 2019

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

How to Convince Your Colleagues that Integrated Business Planning is Best for Your Business

11 June 2019

So, you’re sold on the idea of Integrated Business Planning and want to make a case for change, but you’re sensing hesitation from your colleagues in Product, Sales, Marketing and Finance functions.

Why Supply Chain Needs a Seat at the Table

29 May 2019

Oliver Wight Partners, Birgit Breitschuh and Liam Harrington, reveal why and how organisations can start reimagining their supply chains to maintain their competitive edge in today's volatile marketplace. 

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 3

2 May 2019

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

Meet the Team - Paul Ducie

30 April 2019

We get to know Oliver Wight EAME Partner, Paul Ducie, as he offers an insight on what makes him tick!

Brexit: Retail, are you ready?

11 April 2019

Oliver Wight Partner, Debbie Bowen-Heaton, shares her insights on the challenges facing the retail sector as the Brexit countdown continues...

Is IBP your primary planning process?

22 March 2019

Oliver Wight Partner, Andy Walker, talks through how organisations can assess if IBP is truly the way they run their business, or if it is just one of many planning processes. 

Case study: Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon

20 March 2019

We reveal how Oliver Wight's Class A in Planning & Control helped to transform leading hydroelectric turbine and engine cooling pump manufacturer, Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon from good, to great.

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey – Part 2

5 March 2019

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

Technology and the Supply Chain

1 March 2019

Oliver Wight Partner, Kirsty Braines, offers a snapshot on how technology is shaping not only the supply chain, but other functions in a 21st century organisation. 

No-deal Brexit and manufacturing

14 February 2019

What would be the impact of a no-deal on manufacturing? Oliver Wight Partner, Dawn Dent, explains the possibilities. 

FC Company Integrated Business Planning (IBP) journey

30 January 2019

Note: All names in this blog are fictitious. The events really happened.

The Chemical Industry & Big Data

22 January 2019

Oliver Wight Partner, Mike Snape reveals how Big Data is shaking up the Chemical Industry, and why organisations need to get 'Big Data savvy' to remain competitive in the 21st century.

The Secrets of Santa's Class A Supply Chain

18 December 2018

Every year, Santa 'sleighs' Christmas with his Class A supply chain, and we've managed to get insider access to discover how he does it. Read on! 

The Challenges Ahead in 2019

By Birgit Breitschuh, partner at Oliver Wight 

17 December 2018

Birgit Breitschuh, Oliver Wight EAME Partner, offers a snapshot of the challenges that organistions will have to face in 2019.

Brexit and the Chemical Industry

29 November 2018

Are you ready for Brexit? Oliver Wight Partner, Paul Ducie, addresses the challenges that are facing the chemical industry as the 29th March 2019 looms ever closer. 

Retail in the 21st Century: Part Two

28 November 2018

In the second & final part of our mini-series, we explain why IBP is the perfect solution for retailers struggling to get their business into the 21st century. 

Meet the Team - Lloyd Snowden

26 November 2018

We get up close and personal with Oliver Wight EAME Partner, Lloyd Snowden, as he shares the ins and outs of his role at Oliver Wight. 

How Danone became a global top performer with Integrated Business Planning

21 November 2018

On the 25th of September, we hosted a webinar with Danone to find out how IBP helped it become a global top performer. Discover what was said - read more.