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Demand Management

Enabling High Performance Integrated Business Planning

Workshop Overview
Increasing global competition, volatile markets and ever-increasing demands from consumers, makes best practice demand management an absolute imperative. For many organisations however, demand management is consigned as a supply chain process and the demand plan itself viewed merely as a forecast. This workshop challenges that paradigm, and demonstrates that true Demand Management for High Performance Integrated Business Planning is a sales and marketing planning process.

What is this workshop about?
This interactive workshop shows how to use demand management to deploy your sales and marketing strategy.  It uses a video case study of best practice to help you improve your understanding of your organisation’s role in the value chain. You will learn how to design an effective demand planning process that takes account of your customer, your customer’s customers and the end user. 

Market segmentation and customer collaboration are key and the focus is on using situational analysis to understand what’s really happening in the market place; working on practical methodologies to co-operate with customers and planning at the optimum level to optimise demand.  The workshop will cover the role of analytics and modelling in the demand management process.  You will learn how to move beyond the use of statistical forecasts and assumptions to a strong suite of integrated analytics that help analysts build models which allow sales and marketing people to make informed decisions on the best return on sales and marketing investments.  As well as shining a light on what is required for effective long-term demand planning, the workshop shows how to optimise the short-term to execute the sales plan in the most effective way and to drive business performance. You’ll receive practical tips on the steps you need to take – from roles and responsibilities through to integration with the Integrated Business Planning process.

Who is it for?
This Demand Management workshop is designed for marketing and sales directors and managers, demand managers, demand controllers, and finance managers. Delegates should have previously attended the two-day Integrated Business Planning workshop.

The UK, South African and German workshop can be booked in conjunction with the Demand Sensing and Execution Workshop to become a 3 day workshop or it can be booked on its own.

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Videos on Demand Management

Deploy your business growth strategies with advanced demand management - Webinar April 2015

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15 October 2019 - 16 October 2019

Paris, France - Language: Français


12 November 2019 - 13 November 2019

Germany - Language: German

South Africa

20 August 2019 - 21 August 2019

Johannesburg, South Africa - Language: English

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