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Supply Chain Optimization Suite of Workshops

Supply Chain Optimization Suite of Workshops

Because of the diverse nature of supply chains, this suite of Supply Chain Optimization workshops will be specifically tailored to reflect the true nature of your business and its supply chain structure.

The Supply Chain Optimization Suite of Application Workshops

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Optimization
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Process Acceleration
  • Distribution and Logistics Management

What are these workshops about?
These workshops address the big decisions, which have to be made executive level in order for supply chain optimization to succeed - an optimisation programme could well involve the closure or movement of physical assets. At the very least, it will change core processes, plus there is the impact of shared Key Performance Indicators and data to consider; perhaps even shared continuous improvement and the financial investment and benefits. The Supply Chain Optimization suite of workshops deals with the specifics of team structure, the level of collaboration required and how much integration is possible according to the industry you are in, to drive substantial cost and service level benefits through your extended supply chain. This is not blue-sky thinking; it’s a practical approach, which allows you to build an optimization programme based around the realities of your existing supply chain and its infrastructure. And the workshop looks beyond the first four nodes of the supply chain (customer through manufacturing and distribution, to the first two tiers in the supply chain) to take account of any key players in the extended supply chain including the consumer themselves.

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