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French Supply Chain Management Workshop

From IBP or advanced S&OP to execution - The components of Industrial Excellence

To cope with the constant increase in customer requirements, the implementation of an efficient and agile supply chain is a real competitive advantage for companies. This supply chain is managed using a global planning which integrates all levels from the Industrial and Commercial Plan (PIC or IBP) to execution.

The planning horizons must allow for long, medium and short term integration to ensure consistency, alignment and performance of all production, supply, logistics and warehousing activities.

As a transversal function, the supply chain is closely linked to the management of the product portfolio and the management of demand and the integration of all these elements is crucial for the performance of the company.

The training "Supply Chain Management: from IBP or advanced S&OP to execution - The components of Industrial Excellence" shows you how to:

  • Anticipate potential issues through a PIC or IBP process that looks at a minimum of 24 months ahead and allows the management team to make the right decisions
  • Plan your internal and external supply chain optimally to satisfy your customers and control your costs
  • Integrate the supply chain with product management and sales management
  • Better manage the constraints of your supply chain
  • Work with a single set of numbers validated and shared by all links in the chain

Catherine Schmitt-Weber, Partner at Oliver Wight

As an Oliver Wight partner, Catherine supports companies on their journey to Excellence. Whether it is for the implementation of an Integrated Business Planning (IBP or S&OP) process or for the optimization of the extended supply chain, Catherine builds internal expertise to improve the performance of the company.

The workshop will be running from 9 AM to 4 PM each day, with a one-hour lunch break.

This training details the essential elements and fundamental principles for the proper functioning of a supply chain both in terms of processes and associated roles and responsibilities. It also presents the best practices to be implemented for a successful integration with sales management and product management. The link with more and more advanced information systems is discussed because they make it possible to accelerate the provision of information and offer almost instantaneous monitoring of execution.

During the workshop, the instructor will:

  • go through key principles and concepts for supply chain
  • host interactive Q&A sessions to evaluate delegate's learning outcomes and give delegates the opportunities to ask specific quesitons
  • facilitate smaller breakout sessions to encourage delegates to share relevant experiences
  • validate delegate's acquisition of knowledge to ensure learning objectives are met

What you will learn in this one-day training:

1. The fundamentals of Integrated Business Planning

- What is its purpose?

- What are the ’non-negotiables’ required to make IBP work for your business?

- This is also an opportunity to understand your organization’s challenges.

2. The process of Integrated Business Planning

- What are its core characteristics?

- Who is involved in the process?

- How does IBP drive business performance and improvements?

- What is IBP’s role in managing uncertainty?

3. The key elements of Integrated Business Planning

- High level view of what good looks like in each of the 5 key elements of IBP

- What are the key characteristics of a Process Leader?

- Breakout session: IBP Maturity – what is holding you back?

4. Next steps for a successful IBP implementation

- How can you move IBP forward for your business?

- What does it take for an IBP implementation to be successful?

- How can integration challenges be overcome?

It is ideal for plant managers, supply chain directors and managers, production managers, procurement managers, logistics managers, demand managers and any planner in general.

Please note that no prerequisite is required to attend this workshop.

Oliver Wight ensure we make arrangements to accommodate special circumstances or requirements for delegates with disabilities.

Please contact Catherine Schmitt-Weber at [email protected] if you require special arrangements to attend the workshop.




3 day workshop


22 November 2023 at 09:00 CET


24 November 2023 at 16:00 CET





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