Portfolio Management

For driving growth and margin through effective planning and management of your portfolio

What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio Management includes all aspects of planning and managing your product and services portfolio, allowing your business to take control of its future growth in line with your business strategy.

Strategic market, product, and portfolio roadmaps informed by consumer and customer insights drive detailed product and portfolio planning and execution activities. These include the ideation and management of the innovation funnel, product development and launch, program and project management including stage and gate processes, resource management, portfolio management, and product lifecycle management.

How mature is your organization's true level of maturity in Portfolio Management?

Before embarking on any performance improvement program, it is imperative to identify your business’ true level of maturity. The Oliver Wight Maturity Model characterizes a business as being in one of four key phases of maturity: Co-ordination, Business Process Control, Automation, or Integration. Assess your business maturity in Portfolio Management using our free online self-assessment tool.

Assess Your Business Maturity

You should consider Portfolio Management for your business if:

  • You are scrambling to launch products or services on time

  • You are missing launch dates and key project milestones

  • Business cases for new products or services are not being met

  • Ownership of your portfolio is unclear

  • It is unclear which products or services are most important

  • You need to reduce new product or service time-to-market

  • Your product or services list is growing but nothing is ever removed

  • Retail customers are not ranging your new products or services

  • You are losing out against competitors’ offerings

  • Your portfolio management processes are poorly integrated with your demand and supply management processes

How we can help

  • Facilitate the design of a Portfolio Management process to best fit your organization and its needs

  • Coaching Portfolio process users as you introduce new ways of working

  • Change management – monitor and support the implementation of changes and their impact on your people

  • A diagnostic assessment of your current Portfolio Management processes, including identifying the root cause of any performance issues

  • Transfer our knowledge to your people so they can apply an effective Portfolio Management process to your business

  • Scope an action plan to address issues and take advantage of opportunities including resourcing, timelines, and performance improvement expectations

  • Assessment and validation that your portfolio processes have achieved Class A level of effectiveness – firmly embedded as ‘the way you do things’ and delivering the benefits

Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management

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