Integrated Tactical Planning

For dynamic management of product, demand, and supply plan execution

Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) is a process for the functional alignment of daily and weekly changes in your product portfolio, demand, or supply plans, to drive the best customer outcomes, while re-optimizing financial performance. It can be implemented and delivering results in just six weeks.

ITP operates within the short-term horizon, inside the ‘planning time fence’, where focus moves from planning to effective execution, and when expenditure on variable and semi-variable expenses begins. ITP is complementary to Integrated Business Planning, which focuses on the medium- to long-term planning horizon. A tightly orchestrated set of weekly and daily processes, the successful deployment of ITP will define and calm the process of management and communication within the one- to three-month tactical horizon, integrating the key functions within your organization, and ultimately leading to improvements in customer service, inventory levels, and other key metrics.

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You should consider ITP for your business if:

  • Your IBP process is stuck in the short-term

  • Regular crisis and emergency meetings are consuming senior managers’ time

  • There is an intense focus on delivering ‘this month’s numbers’

  • Inventory seems to have a life of its own

  • There is a culture of not following the plan because customer requirements ‘keep changing’

  • Everyone is blaming inaccurate forecasting as ‘the problem’

  • Customer delivery performance is less than 90% on time

  • Everyone seems to have a view of the future, but there is no ‘single version of the truth’

  • Purchasing is making ‘best guesses’ on long-lead-time items – often with costly errors

  • There have been many initiatives to fix ‘the problem’, but results seem to slide back once the project is completed

How we can help

  • Assessment and validation that your ITP process has achieved a Class A level of effectiveness – firmly embedded as ‘the way you do things’ and delivering the benefits you wanted

  • Scoping of an action plan to define standards, address issues, and take advantage of the opportunities identified, including resourcing, timelines, and performance improvement expectations

  • Facilitate the design of an ITP process to best fit your organization and its needs

  • Change Management – monitor and support the implementation of changes and its impact on your people

  • A diagnostic assessment of your current process, including identifying the root cause of any performance issues

  • Transfer of our knowledge to your people so they can apply an effective ITP Process to your business

  • Coaching ITP process users as you introduce the new ways of working

“It is useful to think of Integrated Tactical Planning as the cogs in a gearbox - it doesn’t matter how big or small those cogs are, if one is broken, the car stops."

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