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Balancing Planning (IBP) and Execution (ITP) in Rapidly Changing Socioeconomic Environments

Flavio Pietrocola, Oliver Wight Partner, explains how to find the right balance between Planning (IBP) and Execution (ITP) in this disruptive and rapidly changing world.

How to steer a company through the D-VUCAD world? (in German)

This podcast episode discusses how to steer companies through volatile, unpredictable times and what modern control instruments and technologies there are that companies should use.

Managing Change through Effective Implementation of Integrated Business Planning

Oliver Wight Partner, Gary Connors explains the five common failure modes in implementing Integrated Business Planning and how to manage changes through IBP.

The role of End-To-End in managing supply chain disruption

Oliver Wight Partner, Neil Hill explores the role of End to End Supply Chain Planning and Integrated Business Planning in creating business resilience.

Moving to E2E Supply Chain Management with IBP coordination

Watch the video to see Oliver Wight's CEO Les Brookes explains how to drive End-to-End supply chain transformation with IBP.

The Digital Supply Chain podcast

Supply Chain Resilience with Integrated Business Planning - a chat with SAP and Oliver Wight.

IBP: Driving Growth, Increasing Productivity & Improving Customer Service

Oliver Wight’s Paul Ducie joins Olivehorse Consulting to discuss how to assess your organization’s maturity, and define the correct approach for implementation.

Dynamic Integrated Business Planning: aligning process and tools to meet the challenges of an everch

The right collaboration between process and tools can deliver the IBP promise efficiently and dynamically.

The Enemies of Effective Measures

Does your business truly understand measuring and analysis? Do you apply the data and learn from it? Or are there conflicting or biased measures happening behind the scenes?

Supercharge IBP Webinar

Oliver Wight's CEO Les Brookes and Partner Monte Maritz explain how to supercharge your Integrated Business Planning process.

What business leaders are talking about today

Oliver Wight's Andy Walker and EY's Jocelyn Hallum discuss what business leaders are talking about today.

Supply Management - Is it time to evolve your approach?

Oliver Wight Partner Neil Hill discusses whether it's time to evolve your supply chain as part of this webinar for Supply Management.

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