Our Approach

Lead, Transform, Own


At Oliver Wight, we help our clients to transform their performance and deliver sustainable benefits. We pride ourselves on being senior business leaders with a hands-on approach and we have extensive experience working with blue-chip organizations.

Every project is packaged with a product mix specifically tailored for you. We provide clarity of cost, deliverables, and ROI, with the objective of delivering at least a tenfold return as quickly as possible.

We work with you to develop a clear understanding of the strategic agenda and objectives for your business - your priorities, expectations, and compelling needs - so together we can identify the most appropriate gap closing actions and benefit opportunities.

Using the principles of the Oliver Wight 'Class A' Standard and The Proven Path, with associated milestones, we ensure our solution is designed and deployed to fit the very DNA of your business.

Our maturity model and online self-assessments are designed to help situate an organization in the correct phase of maturity and provide structure to the improvements required to achieve the Oliver Wight Class A standard of business excellence. 

Complete our free online self-assessments to receive an instant report detailing your organization’s current level of maturity, capability, and readiness for improvement in Integrated Business Planning, Demand Management, Supply Chain Management, or Product & Portfolio Management. 

“In a consumer-driven business environment, the most successful businesses are those that meet customer demand efficiently and profitably. A business must be relentless in the improvement of performance and make the right improvements at the right time and in the right order if it is to avoid failure, disillusionment, and unnecessary cost.”

Les Brookes, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME