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19 Jun 2024

Reality Check: Is Your Integrated Business Planning Software Really Delivering Value?


Many companies have invested heavily in IBP, believing it will be the silver bullet for their planning challenges. But all too often, the reality fails to live up to the hype – here’s why…

07 Jun 2024

Beyond supply and demand – why portfolio management is the missing link for IBP success

Your IBP process is likely leaving money on the table if focusing solely on supply and demand balancing. Combining strategic product, financial, and resource plans is essential for alignment and agility.

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28 May 2024

Achieving High Performance Manufacturing when faced with multiple disruptors

Manufacturing Today

Whilst many manufacturers profess to be agile and in control, often when you look beneath the surface the fact is they simply have a great team of firefighters. 

15 May 2024

Neil Hill’s cycling challenge for Young Lives vs Cancer

Bristol to Amsterdam 2024

After the London to Paris ride we completed in May 2022 a group of six riders joined together to come up with a follow up challenge!

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24 Apr 2024

Navigating Stormy Seas – Why Today’s CEOs Must Be Tech-Savvy Captains

CEO Today

Why is becoming tech-savvy key to running a business?

23 Apr 2024

Steps to achieve Integrated Business Planning success – navigating the icebergs

IBP is a challenging but rewarding journey that requires careful navigation and a focus on key factors, from prioritization to partnerships, to help organizations steer clear of pitfalls and reach their desired destination.

17 Apr 2024

How to realize the true value of Integrated Business Planning

IBP can drive better performance and financial improvement, and help spot potential dangers and opportunities, but many companies are floundering.

10 Apr 2024

Five myths and challenges of implementing Integrated Business Planning

IBP is a powerful process for navigating today’s complex business landscape, but many organizations fail to realize its potential because of this handful of misconceptions.

08 Apr 2024

Tackling the meeting madness epidemic – a path to empowered teams

Excessive and misaligned status meetings disempower teams and cause organizational drag. Resetting meeting governance and cascading authorities smooths flows and boosts efficiency and productivity.

20 Mar 2024

Managing volatility – business-critical lessons leaders must learn to thrive amid persistent uncertainty

Two years after Russia’s mass invasion of Ukraine compounded pandemic-induced supply chain chaos, volatility persists. Resilience is built by implementing robust contingency planning, data-backed agility, and closer supplier partnerships.

18 Mar 2024

Course correction – why Integrated Business Planning is a trusted corporate GPS

Tumultuous times make IBP invaluable for charting routes to strategic destinations. Leaders must harness volatility as an opportunity, not an excuse, and progress intentionally despite uncertainty.

13 Mar 2024

Adapt or fail – what Hamilton’s shock Ferrari switch teaches business decision-makers

Leaders must drive constant evolution, steering organizations to adapt fluidly using data-backed decisions. Nostalgia for past glory won’t yield future success – timely transformation guided by courageous leadership does.

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