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16 Feb 2024

Who is driving the company’s AI Ferrari?

In 2024, leaders must take back the wheel and actively govern AI by owning strategy, setting expectations, and guiding adoption incrementally.

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12 Feb 2024

How to stop my boss doing my job instead of their own!

Business In The News

Dawn Howarth shares her advice on a commonly asked question: How do I deal with an interfering boss?

12 Feb 2024

Business cases in flux – why frequent re-evaluation fuels successful launches

By treating initial business cases as living documents and continually revisiting core assumptions, organizations can dynamically realign innovation investments as market realities shift.

09 Feb 2024

Meet The Team – Willem Vesters

We are delighted to welcome Willem Vesters to the Oliver Wight EAME team as our newest Partner. Learn more about Willem in this blog!

09 Feb 2024

Lessons learned and insights gained: a recap of events in 2023

Our Events and Campaign Marketing Executive Hollie Cooper recaps Oliver Wight's thought leadership shared at events in 2023.

01 Feb 2024

Navigating turbulence in 2024 with long-term thinking

With over 70 elections set to stir volatility, companies must boost risk planning while avoiding short-term reactions that forfeit future adaptability.

30 Jan 2024

Beware AI’s snake-oil salesperson

Leaders should adopt AI tools cautiously, scrutinizing integration capabilities and demanding evidence, not just hype, to avoid implementing shinier spreadsheets that erode differentiation and trust.

19 Jan 2024

When systems fail, people-leadership must prevail

As the tragic Post Office scandal highlights, falsely promoted technology can wreak havoc on human lives when governance falters – but engaged leaders committed to understanding contexts can correct dysfunctional structure.

12 Jan 2024

Meet the Team – Ross Boyle


Ross Boyle speaks to us about his 'day-to-day' as an Oliver Wight Partner, his interests outside of work, and his pet Labrador, Ed!

In the press
11 Jan 2024

Servant leader?!... most owners become slaves to their businesses

Business Age

Recently the concept of the “servant leader” has become fashionable. But many directors seemingly take the wrong end of the stick and become servants to their managers and slaves to their business.

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05 Jan 2024

What CEOs think other leaders should prioritize in 2024 - in 24 words

Management Today

24 CEOs give their 24-cents on what leaders should prioritize for 2024.

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04 Jan 2024

What must be on your senior leadership team agenda for 2024

Manufacturing Today

The focus CEOs need to bring to their management team throughout the year is a drive for optimization, efficiency and cost-control, despite the turmoil in the world.

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