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14 Mar 2023

Organizations must walk the sustainability talk in 2023

With more consumers paying a premium for sustainable brands it’s clear businesses have to match deed with word – and evolving supply chain operations is critical.

10 Mar 2023

Virtual healthcare trend shows future for all industries

Few people like change, but with a clear long-term strategy and education, organizations can drive technology-powered transformation from within and provide better-personalized service for customers.

07 Mar 2023

Meet The Team - Bas Kersten


Oliver Wight Partner Bas Kersten has over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain and Operations, working for global companies both in consumer products and in heavy industry. Learn more about Bas in this blog.

03 Mar 2023

Andrew Purton - Retirement

Andrew Purton looks back on some of his experiences as an Oliver Wight client, Partner, and coach.

In the press
27 Feb 2023

What’s creating the talent shortage?


The accountancy profession is not unique in its talent-sourcing challenges. A number of factors, both global and UK-based, are colliding to create a perfect storm for businesses.

24 Feb 2023

Lack of available medicines hints at ‘broken Britain’ – organisations must plan accordingly

While the UK government may play down supply-chain issues the reality is the short- and long-term health of businesses will suffer without alternative plans in place.

In the press
22 Feb 2023

Future trends: biopharma to outpace small molecule drug development

Drug Discover World

Gary Connors looks at some of the most important factors that will affect the pharmaceutical industry going forward.

20 Feb 2023

Misguided regulation will do more environmental – and economical – damage than good

Of course, the UK government must act quickly to combat climate change, but ill-thought-through schemes risk being counter-productive, effectively heaping pressure on businesses and consumers.

In the press
18 Feb 2023

DRS could do more harm

The Grocer

As the world lurches from a pandemic to a climate crisis, governments must focus on smart solutions to complex challenges.

17 Feb 2023

Oliver Wight Release Second Edition of Popular Business Transformation Book

Oliver Wight, known for its unique approach to creating business improvements via knowledge transfer, has released the latest edition of one of their classic books.

09 Feb 2023

Is unobtainium the world’s new precious commodity?

Doom-mongering headlines dominate, but they don’t tell the whole story – wealth inequality is growing, so aiming for either the higher or lower end of the market is strategically smart.

02 Feb 2023

Oliver Wight EAME Wins Board’s Rising Star Award

Business transformation specialists, Oliver Wight EAME were awarded Board’s Rising Star Award at the Partner & Alliance 2023 Kick-Off Event in London.

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