Supply Chain Management

For delivering customer value, optimal supply chain performance, and sustainable advantage

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management is the handling of the flow of goods and services between businesses and locations, including the movement and storage of raw materials, inventory, and finished goods, as well as end to end order fulfilment from point of origin to the consumer.

To cope with the constant increase in customer requirements, the implementation of an efficient and agile supply chain is a real competitive advantage for companies. Organizations that optimize their supply chains improve their perfect order rating by an average of 17%, at the same time reducing supply chain costs by up to 50%. In today’s economy, that’s an advantage worth taking.

Our approach to Supply Chain Management combines 'blue-sky thinking' - creative brainstorming without limits - with the realities of your existing supply chain footprint and infrastructure; it’s a practical, proven approach, which brings substantial performance benefits.

How Mature is Your Organization's True Level of Maturity in Supply Chain Management?

Before embarking on any performance improvement program, it is imperative to identify your business’s true level of maturity. The Oliver Wight Maturity Model characterizes a business as being in one of four key phases of maturity: Co-ordination, Business Process Control, Automation, or Integration. Assess your business maturity in Supply Chain Management using our free online self-assessment tool.

Assess Your Business Maturity

You should consider Supply Chain Management for your organization if:

  • You have excessive inventory

  • You are experiencing ongoing service issues

  • You are not able to effectively respond to changing customer needs

  • You have high costs

  • You are struggling to produce to plan or seem to be constantly changing plans

  • You are under-utilising planning software

  • You are dealing with poor supplier performance

  • You have confrontational relationships with supply chain partners

How we can help

  • A diagnostic assessment of the effectiveness of your current Supply Chain Management process, including identifying performance issues

  • Benchmarking your supply chain performance using your own data to quantify your current position and compare with best-in-class

  • Change management – planning, monitoring and supporting the implementation of change and its impact on your people

  • Transfer of our knowledge to your people so they can create and manage an effective Supply Chain Management process

  • Coaching your Supply Chain Management process users as you introduce new ways of working

  • Facilitate the design of a Supply Chain Management process to best fit your organisation and its needs

  • Scoping of an action plan to address issues and take advantage of opportunities identified, including resourcing, timelines and performance improvement expectations

  • Assessment of your Supply Chain Management process and validation that it has achieved Class A level of effectiveness – firmly embedded as the ‘way you do things’ and delivering the benefits you wanted

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

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