IP Policy

Oliver Wight EAME IP Policy for Electronic Material


We are proud of the documents, information, slides, hand-outs, know-how and materials that we develop and present to our clients and prospects. Consequently, we ask that our rights be respected and our documents, information, slides, hand-outs, know-how and materials be used and presented correctly.
Our Intellectual Property

We and our licensors shall retain ownership of all intellectual property rights in all documents, information, slides, hand-outs, know-how and materials that we use during the performance of our services or which we otherwise provide to you (“Deliverables”). We do not provide Deliverables in electronic format as a matter of course; however, where we do, we only provide electronic copies of Deliverables in accordance with this policy. By asking us to supply you with, or accepting receipt of, Deliverables, you are agreeing to comply with this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, you must inform us immediately, before we provide you with any Deliverables or, where Deliverables have already been provided, ensure that all copies thereof are destroyed and confirm this to us immediately.
Emergency Printing of Materials for Oliver Wight Presentations / Events

Should the situation arise where we are not able to ship materials to arrive in time for an Oliver Wight presented private event or other presentation to be made by Oliver Wight, we may arrange for you to print those materials direct or via a printer known / local to you. In these circumstances, any electronic material sent to you should be used solely for printing those materials for the agreed number of attendees at the Oliver Wight presentation / event in question and for no other purpose. Once this has been completed, all electronic copies are to be destroyed and confirmation sent to us in writing that this has been done. Any outsourced printer should be subject to the same or similar conditions as to confidentiality and usage as exist in this policy.

Conditions for use of Oliver Wight Class A Workbooks in electronic format

Copyright in the Publication is owned by Oliver Wight International, Inc. (“OWI”), a corporation of the State of New Hampshire, USA, and the permission granted here is granted pursuant to license from OWI.  On OWI’s behalf we reserve all copyright and other rights subsisting in the Publication in any part of the world to which OWI may become entitled, and assert OWI’s moral rights as sole author of the Publication under Chapter 4 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as author of the Publication. 9. All permitted copies of the Publication pursuant to these terms must contain a copyright notice. 

Your Right to Use our Intellectual Property

We grant to you a non-exclusive and perpetual licence to use the Deliverables provided, for your own internal business purposes. You shall not:

  • sub-license, assign or otherwise transfer the rights granted to you (whether to an affiliate or other third party),
  • disclose any Deliverables to any affiliate or other third party without our prior written consent,
  • make the Deliverables available on your company website, except where the Deliverables are password-protected and accessible only by your employees,
  • copy or reproduce any Deliverables except to such of your officers and employees as may be necessary to make full and proper use of the Deliverables,
  • amend or develop any Deliverables (including transferring any Deliverables into your own corporate template or colours) without our prior written consent,
  • remove or amend any copyright and proprietary notices contained within the Deliverables,
  • present any Deliverables, or engage any third party to present any Deliverables, by way of a training, information or similar session or workshop,
  • use any Deliverables other than for your own internal business purposes, nor
  • make any commercial use of any Deliverables.

You will ensure that any employee who receives a copy of, or access to, the Deliverables is made aware of this policy. Ex-employees should not be allowed to take electronic copies of our Deliverables with them when they leave your business.

Our responsibilities

We warrant that your receipt and proper use of the Deliverables will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. This warranty shall not apply to any infringement that is caused by:

  • you using the Deliverables, or allowing the Deliverables to be used, in breach of the terms set out in this policy,
  • the use or inclusion of any documents, information, items and materials owned by you or your licensors in the Deliverables,
  • any modification of the Deliverables other than by us, or
  • our compliance with your specifications or instructions.