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Oliver Wight EAME Blog

Delivering Growth through New Products in the Pharma industry

By Jerry Shanahan, partner at Oliver Wight

3 April 2017

Jerry Shanahan, Partner at Oliver Wight, shares his thoughts on Integrated Business Planning in the Pharma industry. 

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Brexit: the impact on supply chain

27 March 2017

Stewart Kelly, Oliver Wight EAME Partner, explores the potential impact Brexit may have on supply chain. 

Meet the Team - Gary Connors

6 March 2017

We get to know Gary Connors, Oliver Wight EAME's newest Partner. 

How to integrate new product project plans into the demand plan

9 February 2017

Oliver Wight survey reveals that 37% of companies aren’t integrating new product development into their demand plans. 

Meet the Team - Jerry Shanahan

16 January 2017

We get up close and personal with Jerry Shanahan, Managing Partner at Oliver Wight EAME

Meet the Team - Dawn Howarth

12 December 2016

We get to know Dawn Howarth, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME. 

76% of top business leaders fail to recognise ‘improving profitability’ as IBP’s top business benefit

6 December 2016

Oliver Wight survey reveals that IBP is not being used to its maximum potential by top business leaders. 

Meet the Team - Mike Snape

22 November 2016

We get up close and personal with Mike Snape, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME.

Meet the Team - Zowie Newman

10 October 2016

We get to know Zowie Newman, Sales & Marketing Assistant at Oliver Wight. 

Managing Volatility with IBP – Lessons from the Developing World

6 October 2016

Monte Maritz, Partner at Oliver Wight, shares his insight on managing violatility using IBP, with an emphasis on markets in the developing world. 

Why Leadership is Key to Transforming Business Culture

By Birgit Breitschuh, partner at Oliver Wight 

1 September 2016

Birgit Breitschuh, partner at Oliver Wight, discusses how business leaders must cultivate a need for a change. 

Are you and your business ready for IBP?

19 August 2016

IBP could be the answer to enhancing your business performance. But how do you know if your business needs IBP, or if you are ready to implement it? 

Meet the Team – Catherine Schmitt-Weber

17 August 2016

We get up close and personal with Catherine Schmitt-Weber, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME

Meet the Team - Debbie Bowen-Heaton

13 July 2016

We get to know marathon enthusiast and Oliver Wight Partner Debbie Bowen-Heaton

Hitting the sweet spot for successful IBP

7 June 2016

Oliver Wight EAME partner, Stewart Kelly, explores how you can ensure IBP will work successfully for your organisation.

Meet the Team - Anne Marie Kilkenny

3 June 2016

We get up close and personal with Anne Marie Kilkenny, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME

Only 9% of business leaders are doing enough to equip staff for the future

11 May 2016

At our recent Oliver Wight Conference, a poll revealed that business leaders are not doing enough to prepare their teams for future challenges.

Meet the Team – Andrew Walker

6 May 2016

We get up close and personal with Andy Walker, Partner at Oliver Wight EAME

How do we get sales and marketing to take ownership of the demand plan?

29 April 2016

Here are Oliver Wight's five tips for a profitable relationship between sales and marketing within a demand plan.

What are CEOs most worried about in 2016?

20 April 2016

Les Brookes, CEO at Oliver Wight EAME, discusses what CEOs are most worried about in the coming year.