Planning & Control

For gaining control of operational planning and execution to drive business performance

Planning & Control involves the successful integration of all your planning processes for making products and services available to consistently fulfill customer demand. It provides the essential foundation for your organization to successfully manage the extended supply chain.

Planning & Control includes the best and most credible view of customer demand plans, supported by the integration of product development plans, plus aligned planning and control disciplines in your operating and manufacturing units. It creates a seamless closed-loop planning system through the communication of valid plans and information to suppliers, warehouses, distribution facilities, and transportation providers.

You should consider Planning & Control for your business if:

  • You are struggling to attain consistent delivery of operational performance goals and financial objectives

  • You are experiencing rapid growth and can no longer manage effectively using an informal and non-integrated processes

  • Complaints from customers about poor delivery and quality are escalating

  • You are experiencing daily surprises from violent and unpredictable swings in forecast accuracy

  • Inventory write-offs are increasing

  • Costs are unpredictable

  • People are consumed by daily firefighting

  • You are receiving complaints from suppliers about orders being placed inside stated lead times

  • You are constantly expediting materials for production

  • Priorities in product development seem to be constantly changing and launch dates missed

  • Trust in data used for planning is poor

  • Your organization uses multiple databases and information sources, with more planning done in spreadsheets than in planning systems

  • A blame culture exists where supply chain or operations function attribute failures to other functions as a reason for poor performance

How we can help

  • Change management – planning, monitoring, and supporting the implementation of change and its impact on your people and consequently also on your business

  • Scoping of an action plan to address issues and take advantage of the opportunities identified, including resourcing, timelines, and performance improvement expectations

  • Assessment of your Planning and Control process and validation that it has achieved Class A level of effectiveness – firmly embedded as the ‘way you do things’ and delivering the benefits you wanted

  • A diagnostic assessment of the effectiveness of your current planning and control process, including identifying any performance issues

  • Facilitate the design of Planning and Control processes to best fit your organization and its needs

  • Coaching your Planning and Control process users to accelerate the introduction of new ways of working

  • Transfer our knowledge to your people

Planning and Control