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Integrated Business Planning for Commercial: Fuelling & Driving Business Growth

Workshop Overview

*Before registering for this workshop delegates must have either attended Integrated Business Planning: An Executive Guide or our previous Integrated Business Planning course*

Commercial Teams today are constantly being challenged. Consumers are more demanding, customer bases are increasingly less loyal and new segments are ever evolving. Organisations need to get fit for the future through embracing the latest advances in processes and technology or else they risk falling behind competitors. In this uncertain world it is vital for Commercial Teams to anticipate change early, understand the implications for their business and make timely decisions to ensure the business is kept on track. In simple terms; fuelling and truly driving the growth. 

Integrated Business Planning for Commercial shows Commercial Teams how to:

  • Anticipate where your plans will take you
  • Make choices on how to address challenges and proactively manage change to take the most effective paths forward
  • Understand the need for alignment across key stakeholders and the importance of ensuring all functions are geared up to support delivering future business excellence

What is this workshop about?

Integrated Business Planning requires all functions of the organisation to enable successful growth, keep up with market evolution and stay ahead of competition. Commercial is at the heart of where revenue is generated, so it’s vital that the commercial organisation is equally at the heart of decision governance.


During this two-day workshop you will:

  • Be provided with a comprehensive overview of IBP for commercial functions.
  • Learn what it takes to implement IBP successfully and the huge benefits of doing so.
  • Understand key elements of market segmentation and customer collaboration with a focus on situational analysis to understand what is ongoing in the market place.
  • Learn how the Commercial Team, through effective IBP, can identify potential impacts in the Sales & Marketing plans.
  • Understand how to manage the marketing mix across portfolio, price, place, promotion and people in an integrated and structured process to ensure all functions in the business are aligned and organised to deliver your business growth objectives.

Who is it for?

In short, all players that need to be engaged in delivering the Sales & Marketing strategy throughout the organisation, including: 

  • Marketing & Sales Directors/ Managers
  • Commercial & Brand Managers
  • Analysts & Finance/Demand Managers & Planners

Telephone: +44 (0)1452 397213

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15 October 2019 - 16 October 2019

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22 January 2020 - 23 January 2020

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12 May 2020 - 13 May 2020

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07 October 2020 - 08 October 2020

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