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Oliver Wight COVID 19  Recovery Series

Oliver Wight COVID 19 Recovery Series

Helping businesses take control fast

Managing a business has never been easy and in today’s volatile environment it has become more difficult, resulting in huge pressure on leaders and teams around the world. Whilst some organisations are battling with a sudden decline in demand, others have experienced an excess/rapid swing in demand patterns.

In response to these distinct challenges we have developed the Oliver Wight Recovery Series, designed to enable businesses and teams to regain control, delivering results and significant benefit quickly. The Series comprises of two workshop-based programmes and a Fast Track IBP Implementation programme. Each workshop-based programme can be undertaken separately or in combination with our Fast Track IBP programme. In these times of constant change and uncertainty, we will work with you through a series of key steps to deliver business benefits.

The Oliver Wight Recovery Series, Programme 1
Responding to demand and supply chain volatility – Get control of demand and supply

Since the COVID 19 outbreak, some businesses have experienced an upsurge in demand or massive changes in ordering patterns. To be able to respond quickly and effectively these businesses must gain control.

Through virtual sessions with Oliver Wight Partners, this programme will help you establish a collaborative daily and weekly process to align both demand and supply. This will involve demand and supply chain monitoring, clear customer and channel prioritisation, and a review of decision-making rights.

Key programme steps:

  • Fast diagnostic to assess your current challenges
  • Focused workshop to deliver the necessary improvements to deliver the required customer service
  • Practical, accelerated implementation plans to deliver your new processes
  • Personal coaching as you implement your action plans



The Oliver Wight Recovery Series, Programme 2
Anticipating the impact of COVID 19 on future demand patterns whilst optimising cost and service – Free up capital and cash

This programme will help you model the latest view of current and future demand, alongside an optimal level in working capital.

Focusing on targeted key factors impacting current and future demand and working capital in your business, we will provide opportunities to speedily identify demand options whilst optimising your working capital investment and desired levels of customer service.


Key programme steps:

  • Fast diagnostic to assess your current challenges
  • Focused workshop to determine mechanism for responsive demand planning and options as well as the optimum inventory requirements for the business
  • Practical accelerated implementation plans to deliver new processes
  • Personal coaching as you implement your action plans

Oliver Wight’s Fast Track IBP Recovery Programme – Creating visibility and predictability to optimise global business outcomes

Leaders need to steer the business through the aftermath of COVID 19. They will need to anticipate future market dynamics and align the business to be able to respond effectively. Businesses still need to plan and the fundamentals of Integrated Business Planning are paramount. Recently we have been approached by multiple organisations to support them with a rapid development and deployment of IBP to get the business teams planning in an integrated way. This has led to our Fast Track IBP offering which aims to get your business planning process up and running in 3 months.

This programme will support organisations to gain integrated visibility and control of the future through: scenario planning, tactical execution; re-alignment of business plans and budgets; improved optimisation and leadership decision making.

Focusing on the design of an integrated planning process and supporting data, systems and tactics this will support leadership decision-making and enable improved company performance. The programme is designed to work with business teams to deliver change inside of 3 months

Key programme steps:

  • Fast diagnostic to assess your current challenges and design a focused approach
  • Focused workshops that, design targeted processes and ensure effective tool alignment
  • Practical accelerated deployment plans to deliver recognised best practice and speed to benefit
  • Personal coaching as you implement your action plans


For more information or to register your interest contact:
[email protected] or call +44 (0)1452 397200

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