Birgit Breitschuh


Birgit Breitschuh
"A company’s greatest asset is the people who work for it. In the most successful companies, personal goals are fully aligned with the company’s strategy. It is our job to support an organization’s journey to excellence and fulfillment."

Birgit has developed real expertise in both innovation and supply chain management in a career that spans two decades working for major CPG companies, Unilever, Kraft, and Wrigley (Mars). Birgit believes personal engagement at all levels of an organization is key to success.

As an Oliver Wight Partner, Birgit draws on an extensive background in change management to deliver optimal performance for an array of organizations. She emphasizes the importance of high-quality internal communications, ensuring each employee understands the company’s long-term strategy and their individual role in achieving it. Birgit is engaged with a broad range of industries including pharmaceuticals, CPG, and tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers of major manufacturers and service providers. Combining her industry experience with multilingual skills, Birgit is able to initiate change management across a variety of international markets and businesses.

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