Dawn Dent


Dawn Dent
"Once I’d learned the Oliver Wight Proven Path to business excellence methodology, I just couldn’t help but use it every day. When you know something works you just naturally apply it."

Dawn is a real authority in supply chain, process, and project management having accumulated over 30 years of experience. She believes that customer focus, the proactive management of processes, and the effective leadership of people, are key to the delivery of market-leading results.

As a Partner at Oliver Wight, Dawn applies the latest in business planning methodology in order to increase efficiencies and drive productivity to fulfill a company’s potential. This includes optimizing the supply chain by ensuring a more accurate forecasting picture to eradicate waste and other unnecessary costs. Dawn’s customer-centric approach derives from her extensive experience in industry where satisfying demand is a crucial barometer of company performance. With the ability to speak French and German, Dawn is adept at initiating business improvements across multiple European markets.

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