Kirsty Braines

Partner and CEO

Kirsty Braines
"In today’s market, the health of any organization depends more than ever, on its ability to successfully meet the needs of its customers. Businesses can better meet customer demand through market segmentation and a realignment of the supply chain.

Kirsty is CEO of Oliver Wight EAME. With a background in change management and operations management, Kirsty works to facilitate continuous business improvement and to meet high productivity targets for businesses on their journeys to excellence.

As an Oliver Wight Partner, Kirsty works with a diverse range of industries, including the heavy engineering sector, the chemical industry, and distribution & logistics companies. By imparting valuable knowledge, Kirsty builds in-house expertise to ensure sustainable change. Using Oliver Wight’s Integrated Business Planning and Supply Chain Design and Optimization methodology Kirsty helps companies reach Class A accreditation for business performance.

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