Mike Gray


Mike Gray
"In a modern business environment, end-to-end integration of the organization is essential. A company cannot service customers in the most efficient, cost-effective, and profitable way unless its processes, people, and tools are integrated and aligned.

Mike Gray has 30 years of manufacturing experience in operational supply chain and consultancy roles. Initially developing factory layouts and control systems, he moved to supply chain management, specializing in transforming production planning processes. Now Mike helps organizations achieve Class A business performance through change management initiatives.

As an Oliver Wight Partner, Mike educates companies in Integrated Business Planning and Supply Chain Optimization, supporting them as they progress to business excellence. Mike works across a wide range of industries, including food, CPG, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. Having operational experience along the extended supply chain, developing new product ranges, managing warehousing and logistics, leading purchasing projects, and working in sales and customer service teams, Mike applies his practical knowledge to ensure lasting change. He believes exceptional business performance is derived from engaging the entire workforce in continuous improvement with a common direction, and he works to that ideal.

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