Oliver Wight Announces the Release of a Ground-Breaking Book: Integrated Tactical Planning – Respond to Change, Increase Competitiveness, and Reduce Costs

25 Mar 2021


Oliver Wight Announces the Release of a Ground-Breaking Book: Integrated Tactical Planning

Oliver Wight’s latest book addresses what organizations commonly refer to as “firefighting”. This is a condition where frequent near-term changes in orders, product launches, and supply, drives organizations from one crisis to the next. 

Integrated Tactical Planning (ITP) has proven to be a solution to this problem and is the subject of the latest ground-breaking book released by Oliver Wight International. Respected global Oliver Wight thought leaders, Rod Hozack, Todd Ferguson, Stuart Haman, and Dawn Howarth, teamed up to write the Integrated Tactical Planning book


Integrated Tactical Planning gives organizations “the ability to re-plan quickly and accurately as circumstances change, and engage the right people, at the right level, in the right time horizon, to collaboratively agree to the change in plans", the authors write. 

When these functions work together to respond to change, execution improves without “firefighting.” Ultimately, outcomes are more positive for the organization, its customers, and its suppliers.

The book addresses the Integrated Tactical Planning process itself as well as what it takes to implement it.


The following key elements of Integrated Tactical Planning are addressed:

  • Methods for improving reaction time and lowering costs when responding to near-term changes to customer orders and the availability of finished product and materials 
  • How to include product portfolio changes and new product launches in near-term planning and execution, using Integrated Tactical Planning
  • Different design and deployment strategies, structures, and roles in Integrated Tactical Planning with a focus on process sustainability
  • Behavioral and performance requirements for Integrated Tactical Planning to improve competitiveness and reduce business costs
  • What it takes to successfully deploy Integrated Tactical Planning, illustrated with a comprehensive case study of an Oliver Wight client. 


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About the authors

The authors contributed their experiences in key aspects of Integrated Tactical Planning. All the authors have practical experience in managing short-term changes in planned product launches, sales, and demand, or availability of supply and are pioneers in developing Integrated Tactical Planning into a highly regarded discipline, supported by proven methodologies and best practices.

  • Todd Ferguson, a Principal with Oliver Wight Americas, contributed his experiences in demand planning, sales execution, and forecasting. 
  • Stuart Harman, a Partner with Oliver Wight Asia Pacific, brought his insights on performance measurement and continuous improvement as part of the execution element of Integrated Tactical Planning.
  • Rod Hozack, a Partner with Oliver Wight Asia Pacific, shared his experiences in improving Integrated Tactical Planning best practices, particularly with a focus on integrating product launches and product management into the process.
  • Dawn Howarth, a Partner with Oliver Wight EAME, contributed her deep understanding of operations, manufacturing, and supply chain. She also served as editor of the book.
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