Oliver Wight Announces the Release of New Book Providing Unparalleled Practices for All Supply Chains

23 Jul 2021


Oliver Wight Announces the Release of New Book Providing Unparalleled Practices for All Supply Chains

Oliver Wight’s new book provides authoritative guidance on effective supply chain management. Written by the experts at Oliver Wight, the book gives readers a clear understanding of what is required to operate at a high rate of proficiency, what is known as Class A Excellence. 

The best practice principles presented in the book are supported by practical examples and cases that demonstrate why typical approaches fail and why Unparalleled Business Planning and Execution Practices succeed.

Respected thought leaders James G. Correll, Lloyd C. Snowden, and James Bentzley teamed up to write the Supercharged Supply Chains book. 


Focusing on the practices that have boosted the health of supply chains for more than 25 years, this invaluable book: 

  • Describes how business excellence practices resolve common problems encountered in operating a supply chain
  • Provides strategies and methods to significantly improve customer service, financial performance, and business growth
  • Identifies when and how unparalleled planning and execution practices should be applied
  • Guarantees success when the recommendations made in the book are followed diligently


Readers give the book a “thumbs up”:

“As President of two separate turnarounds, we implemented Business Excellence Planning, as described in this book, enabling us to focus, prioritize and execute the long-term vision of each resulting in improved customer service levels from 73% to 99%, but with 31% less inventory. Financial projections consistently improved, and our customer relationships were significantly enhanced.” - Douglas Strohmeier, President, Covidien Ltd., and TE Connectivity Ltd.

“Using the practices described in this book, as VP of Finance at three different companies, we delivered incredible results in each business. Following the fully integrated process outlined in this book, any company can improve their profits and cash flow.” John Frisco, VP Finance, Tyco Flow Control, Covidien Ltd., and TE Connectivity Ltd.

"This book is a must-read for all top business leaders and S&OP & IBP process managers. This work is so inspirational and will help me in defending and improving the IBP process in my organization. If you combine knowledge gained from reading this book with Oliver Wight workshops and true ownership from your CEO or President, I am positive you will gain all the benefits from this formal and structured common sense process." - Nenad Vukovic, Senior BU Manager, BI & IBP, Leggett & Platt International Bedding 

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About the Authors

The authors contributed their real-world experience from working in industry, coaching, and mentoring hundreds of companies on this topic, and from their clients’ business perspective.

James G. Correll is a former principal with Oliver Wight Americas and co-author of two books: Managing Capacity and Priorities and Achieving Class A Business Excellence: An Executive’s Perspective.

Lloyd C. Snowden is a Partner at Oliver Wight EAME, where he deploys his hands-on change management experience to drive improvements through integrated business planning and supply chain optimization.

James Bentzley is the Director of Planning at Acumed and has earned certification from the Oliver Wight consulting program. He has co-authored several supply chain management articles with Jim Correll.

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