Redefine the Future

05 Oct 2020


Redefine the Future By Oliver Wight CEO, Les Brookes

The coronavirus crisis combined with the additional pressures surrounding Brexit and a global recession has resulted in the future of businesses around the world being redefined. 

Whilst we at Oliver Wight have also felt the impact of these events, we have found that our business model works in this changing world. We have always driven various components of support for businesses wanting to review how well their processes work - assessing the level of financial gains to be made by driving improvements, benchmarking them against competitive sets, and understanding their maturity, people competencies, and organisational fit to best practice. Typically this activity has not been something we marketed holistically but offered to our clients as part of a specific transformation activity such as improving executional performance, moving to end to end supply chain management, or implementing Integrated Business Planning. This diagnostic activity has helped executive teams understand the key change management requirements and business benefits across people, process, and tools, enabling the business to establish a unique journey with the full commitment of the leadership team.

Over the crisis period, externally driven change has been significant in areas such as channel mix, new channels, route to market, process requirements, volatility levels, and organisational needs. We have seen a surge in the number of businesses requesting our help to support a re-evaluation. Fundamentally, these businesses are seeking our insights on what needs to change so they can understand how best to respond now and in the future. We provide our clients with this knowledge by looking at a range of different business elements including scenario planning, organisational structure, IBP maturity, and digital capability. As one client described, this review “Redefines the future and the required steps on our journey.”

The fact that clients from organisations big and small, global and local, have been coming to us and asking for a much more in-depth review has made us realise that this should be an offer that we provide to all businesses, not just existing Oliver Wight clients. So we have developed an exciting new offering which embeds the various approaches that we have used with clients prior to an implementation journey. This includes:
•    An in-depth diagnostic including a competitive benchmark of your supply chain performance and cost, analysis of your current digital roadmap, a review of your current strategic integration, profit and loss, and balance sheet to deliver a business case, and performance metric analysis.
•    Key discussions on what is in your worry circle that needs a solution.
•    An executive feedback session to achieve company realignment on priorities and the business roadmap. 
Although this offering is not ‘new’, it is a culmination of the diagnostic activities we have conducted with clients over the past 50 years. We are offering businesses the opportunity to positively redefine their future supported by a clear understanding of their required organisational structure and any necessary process improvements, alongside a digital roadmap, time phased cost benefit analysis, full maturity maps, and a detailed executive feedback session so change can be owned from the top down.
We feel that our 50 years of experience helping organisations can help to redefine a positive future that drives businesses forward. 

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