Purchasing in the 21st Century

A Guide to State-of-the-Art Techniques and Strategies 2nd Edition



Hardback Edition


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Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

Hardback Edition: 288 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 047124094X

ISBN-13: 978-0471240945

Dimensions: 16.05 x 2.67 x 23.9 cm


This invaluable resource demonstrates how to improve purchasing operations through supplier scheduling and the integration of purchasing with other initiatives such as Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Just-in-Time (JIT), and Total Quality Management (TQM). Along with new material on emerging technologies, vendor managed inventory, and supply chain management, seasoned consultant John E. Schorr offers a solid framework for bettering purchasing systems through a rigorous evaluation of current business structures. Comprehensive and completely up-to-date, Purchasing in the 21st Century, Second Edition provides invaluable insight and advice on:

* Implementing accurate supplier scheduling

* Using MRP II/JIT/TQM to dramatically increase performance of on-time deliveries, to decrease lead times, reduce lot sizes, and achieve an overall cost reduction of purchased materials

* Employing synchronized deliveries in conjunction with a Kanban system

* Selecting the best performance measurements for suppliers.