5th Supply Chain Innovation Summit


Experts usually claim that supply chain management is about delivering the right quality at the lowest cost, with the agreed service level. Well, not anymore. Digital revolution is creating a whole new paradigm for what used to be the supply chain, where technology is rendering the old fundamentals of supply chain management obsolete.

The 5th Supply Chain Innovation Summit brought a new vision on supply chain system, join us at the event to learn from the industry experts on how to rethink and redesign your craft to keep track with the novel contemporary trends.

Key topics include:

  • Game Changing Enabler for Supply Chain Management in Post Covid World
  • How the Pandemic Has Accelerated the Adoption of Critical Digital Transformation Throughout the Supply Chain
  • Making Customer Centricity a Pillar of Supply Chain Strategy
  • Pandemic, Trade Wars, Climate Change and More – Navigating a Decade of Disruption
  • Attracting the Next Generation of Supply Chain Leaders
  • Challenges and Solutions in Complex Supply Chains – Innovations for Sustainable Competitive Advantage – e.g. to Mitigate Global Chip Shortage
  • Change Management in the Journey from S&Op to IBP

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Neil Hill has nearly 30 years of experience in supply chain leadership, strategic thinking, and change management, with a specialism in the engineering and automotive sectors. With a strong background in the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies, Neil has facilitated multi-million-dollar savings, whilst creating impressive growth and profitability.

As an Oliver Wight Partner, his approach is centered around improving core processes, defining global strategies, and promoting cross-organizational integration. Neil focuses on nurturing talent and curating a strong organizational culture to deliver sustainable results.


09 June 2022

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