6th Annual S&OP to Integrated Business Planning Summit

As supply chains mature and S&OP advances, leading companies have continued evolving their planning processes. Integrated Business Planning represents the evolution of S&OP from its production planning roots in the 1970s into a fully integrated management and supply chain collaboration.

The S&OP to Integrated Business Planning Summit will be a timely event at which cross-sector leaders share their experience of advanced S&OP and IBP.

This will be an opportune forum to hear how you can continue your own journey in the evolution of your business planning and performance to enhance sustainability, agility, profitability and growth.

Change management and business transformation with effective implementation of IBP: examples from companies with a structural and integrated approach to change.

Key takeaways:
• Addressing the immediate concerns of some of the stakeholders: ‘What’s in it for me?’
• How to effectively inspire the right behaviors to drive change
• Leadership engagement and value-driven decision-making
• How to engage the sales, marketing and finance professionals

Gary has nearly 30 years’ experience working in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries having held various senior positions during this time and worked in over 25 countries. Gary brings a pragmatic and persistent approach to business performance improvement and believes that people are the key in driving successful and sustainable transformation.

As an Oliver Wight Partner, Gary is passionate about educating business leaders and inspiring organisations to push their ambitions further than they imagined. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he applies the latest strategies in business performance improvement to guide organisations in their journey to business excellence and Class A accreditation. By transferring knowledge and building in-house expertise, Gary installs sustainable change in organisations, giving confidence to clients that they can deliver a world-class performance.

Whilst Gary specialises in the chemical and healthcare sectors, he also works in the FMCG sector having supported clients across the spectrum from the food industry to fashion and retail.


02 - 03 Dec 2021

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