Dynamic Integrated Business Planning – ensuring process and tools align to meet the challenges of a everchanging world

In today's world, the role of Integrated Business Planning is more important than ever before. For businesses to deliver what IBP sets out to achieve, the right collaboration between process and tools is vital. Businesses with this functionality are able to provide leadership teams with meaningful information across the entire business and ensure efficiency in preparation and effectiveness in decision-making.

Join Oliver Wight Partners, Les Brookes, Monte Maritz, along with Ian Richards and Gavin Allen from Board International

The discussion and demonstration will include: -Building strategic drivers that are defined for integration and managed for change. -Visualising assumption management, opportunities and vulnerabilities to manage business change. -Dynamic financialization of the financial forward view to show impact and gaps to ambition, as well as options to close.

Benefits of attending: -Understand how process best practice and a fit for purpose solution work together to reduce investment risk and deliver the right response to modern business needs. -Learn how to successfully manage change with Integrated Business Planning. -Discover the future of dynamic, integrated and decision focused reporting.


22 Apr 2021

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