Scope Supply Chain Virtual Summit

Hear what industry leaders have to say about today’s new complexities.

SCOPE Virtual Summit is the digital counterpart to the invitation-only summit for Supply Chain executives. SCOPE bridges you to the information and solutions most relevant to your top priorities.
You’ll learn from industry veterans and connect to the solutions you need. This event is designed to help you maximize your time and money for the best possible results.

The key themes of this event include:
- Achieving Excellence in the Supply Chain
- Minimizing Risk Through Supply Chain Visibility
- Supporting Supply Chain Efforts through the Implementation of Disruptive Technologies
- Reducing Cost with Transportation Management Strategies
- Warehouse Management and Optimization
- Setting the Tone for Team Success
- Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management
- Navigating Through Disruption in the Supply Chain

Join Oliver Wight Partner, Neil Hill's talk 'The Role of End-to-End in Managing Supply Chain Disruption' as he explains how to exploit uncertainty and effectively manage risk.

During the past 18 months we have witnessed how quickly supply chains can be disrupted in the most unexpected ways. But business disruption doesn’t have to mean business disaster. Whether it’s minor supply chain hiccups, competitor activity, or global events, many organizations can learn how to turn these situations to their advantage and even find new ways to disrupt the markets in which they operate.

Neil will be exploring the role of End to End Supply Chain Planning and Integrated Business Planning in creating business resilience.

Key learnings:
- Understand potential sources of disruption and how to manage them
- Learn how leadership focus has changed in the past 18 months
- Discover the role of End to End Supply Chain Planning and why it is a vital element of “Business Continuity”

Neil Hill has nearly 30 years’ experience in supply chain leadership, strategic thinking and change management, with a specialism in the engineering and automotive sectors. With a strong background in the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies, Neil has facilitated multi-million-dollar savings, whilst creating impressive growth and profitability.


01 November 2021

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