Telco Best Practices in Supply Chain

Building resilience for a Digital World: Best practice Integrated Planning for Telecommunications companies.

“Personal Computing Everywhere for Everyone“ has moved from a marketing slogan and vision for ubiquitous computing to a reality. This promise has become true thanks to massive investments into network infrastructure, the increasing capabilities of smartphones, and the full acceleration to a digital workspace due to the Covid pandemic.

Forward-thinking telecom companies have opened up revenue opportunities for digital transformation such as virtual realities, connected objects and digital relationships at all levels, enabled by 5G expansion and hardware innovation.

The challenges that come with a rapidly changing world have also surfaced. Supply chains need to support accelerated delivery of digital capacity for high demand while managing the fluctuating buying behaviour of consumers, and leaders need to consider massive financial investments in network technology, and manage effective delivery.

Through Integrated Business Planning, many companies are transforming the way they run the future, integrating supply chain resilience with financial planning and market-led responsiveness.

SAP, Oliver Wight and Olivehorse would like to give you, as a key decision maker, a view of this Integrated Future, by combining real examples (British Telecom) with our latest solution thinking.

You will hear about:

- How modern planning solutions support the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry, from short term disruptions management, to capacity planning and project delivery.

- How Integrated Planning aligns all the components of a complex network business, from infrastructure to retail planning, and ensure key decisions are visible and aligned – from supply chain to finance to executive review.

- How technology solutions for supply chain and business planning can be delivered at speed and with high ROI due to a clear design focus that challenges existing planning paradigms.

Monte is a partner at Oliver Wight, and has worked with regional African and global companies to implement change programmes linked to Integrated Business Planning. As Monte regularly works with businesses that face the unique challenges of managing volatile and changing environments, he has a clear understanding of how to use Integrated Business Planning to align complex organisations in an effective and efficient way. Combining a strong financial background with a strong understanding of end to end supply chain thinking, he helps these organisations connect the dots to ensure leaders can align multiple complex decisions with focus and urgency.

Matthias Vogel is responsible for growing the SAP Digital Supply Chain business in South Europe, Middle East and Africa by enabling customers to establish Resilient Supply Chains. He focuses on the SAP Supply Chain innovations and on translating SAP's commitment of investing 2Bn Euro globally into IoT over the next years. Matthias has been working with customers in Telco and beyond on Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Procurement solutions for more than 20 years, joining SAP in 2006.

Ruan has expertise in Strategic Business Value Engineering, Architecting Digital Supply Chain Solutions, Roadmap Advisory, Supply Chain Maturity Diagnostics and Design Thinking. Ruan has over 15 years of Supply Chain Consulting across multiple industries. Prior to joining Olivehorse, Ruan spent 4 years in South Africa as Practice Lead and Solution Architect for Digital Supply Chain and Innovation for Britehouse Consulting and Dimension Data.


06 October 2021

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