Workday/Supply Management Insider webinar

Why it’s time to get off-contract spending under control

Join this live webinar as we discuss how getting on top of maverick spend can put procurement function in a stronger position during - or after - any recession.

Maverick spend continues to be an issue for many organizations. It happens for a variety of reasons, from a lack of education and tools to culture challenges. And it can have extreme consequences: according to Hackett research the average company loses more than 5 percent of negotiated value due to maverick spending.

Join the Supply Management Insider webinar, produced in partnership with Workday, as a group of experts, including Oliver Wight Partner Birgit Breitschuh, gather to discuss the importance of striking the right balance between getting as much spend as possible under management – and policed accordingly – with the resources it will take to design and enforce such arrangements.

Join the session to learn more about:
• The importance of improving operational efficiency
• How technology can help bring maverick spend under control
• How working closer with suppliers and procurement can create value
• Why recessions are a fantastic time for creative thinking


05 April 2023

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