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Integrated Business Planning – Introduction, Overview, and Current Best Practice

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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) remains a critical enabler of business success for many leading organizations, and continues to ensure alignment and focus to respond to a changing world.

“There was hands-on applicability and plenty of coverage on the how and why.”

Why should an organization invest in IBP?

In this uncertain world, it is vital that executive and general management teams in your business are able to anticipate change early, understand key implications, and make timely decisions to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and keep your organization securely on track.

But for IBP to drive real success in your business, education and knowledge must cascade its way throughout the entire organization. That’s why this workshop has been designed not only for leaders but for those who engage with them. Unforeseen events can be detected early and addressed with speed and agility through planned actions rather than fire-fighting. Which means you’ll always remain on course to achieve your business goals.

“I got a lot out of the real-life examples from the instructors who lived the problems and created solutions.”

You should consider this workshop if:

  • You are struggling to align your organization in an ever-changing world and/or are caught up in a cycle of firefighting and inefficiency.
  • You keep missing budgets and forecasts yet spend a lot of time preparing plans nobody believes.
  • You are caught in a siloed organization with functional or ineffective decision-making.
  • You have been introduced to IBP (either by Oliver Wight or your own research) and want to learn more about the process and how to deliver success for your organization and industry.
  • You are an organization running an S&OP/IBP process already and feel that it is not delivering the results you expect.
  • You are an organization using IBP and are part of the process. You want to learn how to support the process more effectively.
  • You are an organization considering a major tool investment to support IBP but need to be sure that you are taking the right approach.

This workshop is your opportunity to delve further into the world of IBP and gain a developed view of the process, ensuring you are prepared for the future, whatever it may hold.

  • Executives and business leaders who have been introduced to IBP and want to learn more about how it can work in their organization.
  • Decision-makers who are thinking about implementing IBP either as a process or a tool journey.
  • Smaller organizations who are not ready for a full program but are considering implementing IBP.
  • Managers who are in a business running IBP/S&OP today and want to understand best practices to better execute their roles.
  • Key stakeholders in businesses who are running or implementing IBP today with Oliver Wight as implementation partners either in the past or present, who require IBP introductory education.

During this workshop, you will learn from Oliver Wight - the originators and thought leaders of IBP - about how it works and how it can deliver success.

Combining process foundations with practical insights, this workshop will be valuable for organizations considering implementing IBP, as well as leaders and process owners involved in delivering IBP in their organizations today.

  • Introduce IBP as a formal management process of choice, regardless of business and sector, and explain the benefits it should deliver.
  • Describe the way IBP aligns the modern organization from planning to financial and matrix integration, and ensures focused decision-making to deliver the strategy and close gaps between ambition and reality.
  • Show how the focus on the right horizon, level of detail, and critical exceptions ensure effective executive alignment, supported by assumption management and responsiveness to change.
  • Cover the core components of modern IBP – Portfolio, Demand, and Supply Chain Management – both from a process and focus perspective.
  • Explain the critical requirements, including process, roles, measures, and reviews, and the importance of integrated reconciliation, financial integration, IBP facilitation, and the executive Management Business Review.
  • Cover the challenges and requirements to support the implementation change journey, including process and tool integration.

After completing this one-day workshop you will:

  • Gain clarity on what IBP looks like and how it is designed to deliver excellence to modern organizations regardless of industry or sector.
  • Understand the foundational principles that support IBP success and how IBP potentially challenges some of the embedded norms and behaviors in your organization.
  • Learn practical knowledge about key process components, what is required to make them work, and the ability to understand the gap between the process and what you are doing today.
  • Understand how IBP is evolving and why it is more relevant than ever for the modern organization in a changing world, with evolving thought leadership in key areas.
  • Have visibility of the challenges that drive IBP implementations and understand why it is important to focus on behavior and process in the right way to ensure success.
  • Learn from practical examples and references from the Oliver Wight presenters, using their experience to guide your journey and challenges, whilst networking with other delegates.
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"So far, we estimate that process improvements and efficiencies have delivered savings of approximately €2 million."

Doctor Egiziano Iencinella
Supply Chain Director

“Really concise overview of the whole IBP process – perfect for Executives to understand the process, and for others to refresh their memory on some of the key principles."

Mike Higgins
Head of European Logistics

“Mind blowing and educational. This workshop clearly defines the strategy and vision of what IBP will bring!”

Planning and Logistics Manager
Industrial Engineering Organisation