Oliver Wight Release Second Edition of Popular Business Transformation Book

17 Feb 2023


Oliver Wight, an international business process consultancy firm known for its unique approach to creating business improvements via knowledge transfer, has released the latest edition of one of their classic books. The book describes how to transition from Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

In an easy-to-digest format, this book uses a fictional company to show what is involved in transitioning to IBP. It explains how companies link strategy to execution through the IBP process. The authors illustrate how to overcome common challenges companies face in achieving positive results using IBP to drive improved business performance. The book also makes sense of why a long-term strategic plan integrated with IBP is worth implementing. This new book will help forward-thinking companies understand that IBP generates far more significant gains for positive business results.

This newest version of the book includes more than 200 business management principles. The collection of principles serves as reminders of things often forgotten in the “heat” of the day. The principles address behaviors, decision-making, aligning the executive team, and managing organizational change.

The book is already generating positive comments from strategy and IBP professionals:

"I love this book because George and Colleen get to the core behaviors that enable the transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning. This transition makes it possible to effectively operationalize strategies and investments in an aligned way. As a result, companies are better able to make their numbers and win in the marketplace."

Marc Bergeron and Jimmy Dixon, Oliver Wight Business Advisors

"This book, now in its second edition, has always been the most approachable way for leaders to expand their view of what executive teamwork can and should be. The addition of George's business management principles is a perfect complement. The principles distill common business challenges down to one or two sentences. Countless times these principles have helped focus my energy on the right solutions.” 

Greg Spira, Author of Trust the Plan: Demand Management for Business Leaders (2023 Release Date)


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