The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning

Second Edition



Hardback Edition


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Book Details

Publisher: J. Ross Publishing

Hardback Edition: 312 pages

Language: English


ISBN-13: 9781604271911

Dimensions: 152mmx236x23mm


Forward-thinking companies are evolving their Sales and Operations Planning processes into Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for a simple reason: doing so generates far greater gains in their business results.

In an easy-to-digest format, this book uses a fictional company to show how to transition to IBP. Further, it explains how companies link strategy to execution through the IBP process.

Key Features 

  • Discover why a long-term strategic plan integrated with IBP is worth implementing
  • Learn how to make the transition from S&OP to IBP successful
  • Understand what businesses gain from using IBP to link strategy to execution
  • Realize strategies and values that help companies achieve faster results with IBP
  • Read numerous business and life principles to help you in and outside of your organization