The Oliver Wight Class A Standard for Business Excellence

Seventh Edition



Paperback 7th Edition


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Publisher: John Wiley and Sons

Paperback 7th Edition: 176 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1119404479

ISBN-13: 978-1119404477

Dimensions: 17.53 x 1.52 x 25.4 cm


We are pleased to announce the publication of our Seventh Edition of the Oliver Wight Class A Standard. From its humble beginnings as a 20-question checklist in 1977, the Standard has now become a benchmark for some of the world’s highest performing businesses. If you’d like to join them, this Seventh Edition is an essential element to help you get there.

Because change is constant and improvement continuous, the Seventh Edition Class A Standard redefines Business Excellence and gives you everything you need to stay ahead of your competitors, both now and in the future.

In the seven years since the Oliver Wight Sixth Edition Standard was last updated the world has changed dramatically. Global financial crisis, increased globalization, natural disasters and technological change have transformed the environment in which organizations operate.

Perhaps most significant of all has been the revolution in consumer behavior. Increasingly demanding, consumers also lack loyalty.

Online shopping has become first choice for many; people are able to search for the best price and their expectation is increasingly for same or next day delivery. Meanwhile opinions are formed and reformed instantly through online peer reviews, while social media can now destroy reputations as quickly as it creates demand, providing a real-time window on customer attitudes and behaviour.

The Seventh Edition Class A Standard reflects all the change that has happened in arguably the most volatile and rapidly changing era; it gives you everything you need to thrive in this brave new world and build your business for the future.